Calvary Nexus Elders & Deacons

Our Church Leadership

The men and women who have been called to lead our community on spiritual and practical matters. These servant leaders have proven through their lives and ministry focus that they meet the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. They are committed to loving God and this community and want to see others come to know God’s grace and love in their lives and grow in their faith. They want to see God glorified in this church body and beyond.

Bruce Zachary

Lead Pastor – Elder


Roger Halcomb

Campus Pastor – Elder

Robb Oram

Campus Pastor – Elder

Nick Ross

Assistant Pastor – Elder

Vince Nardi

Student Ministries Pastor – Elder

Armando Garza

David Johnson

Business Admin Pastor – Elder


David Ramirez

High School Pastor – Elder

Mark Chua

Young Adult Ministry Pastor – Elder

Jorn S. Pahnke

Tech Ministry Pastor – Elder

John Baker

John Wern

Ron Boyer

Jorge Rodriguez

Spanish Ministry Pastor – Deacon

Mary Lou Rodriguez

Shawn Baker

Bud Harley

Bruce Watlington

Harold Sanders

Ed Harley

Grant Harris

Anthony Trueba

Jeff Boyer

Cameron Draine

Michael Adams

Glenn Sato


Paul Oberhaus

John Wilson