Welcome to our Neighborhood Group resources page.  Here you will find helpful resources helping you to lead a Neighborhood Group and ways to love God and your neighbors better.

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Neighborhood Group Study Guides

We are just getting started with Calvary Nexus new ten-year Vision to have Christ-centered Neighborhood groups in every part of Camarillo. We will be providing study guides for group leaders adopting the Neighborhood Group format on this page. Come back each week for updated weekly study guides. Click on the weekly topic below to download the .pdf for group study.

Week of 9.24.17: Matthew 27:32-56: “The King Crucified”

Week of 9.17.17: Matthew 27:1-31: “The King’s Trial, Part 2″
Week of 9.10.17: Matthew 22:36-39: “Love God + Neighbors”
Week of 9.3.17: Matthew 26:57-75: “The King’s Trial, Part 1”

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Neighborhood Groups Vision

Click on the image to the left to view and download our Neighborhood Group Vision document

Neighboring Tips

Click on the left to view and download a list of tips and suggestions on neighboring that will be updated on a regular basis with more info.

Neighborhood Group Leader Training Manual

Click on the image to the left to view and download the Neighborhood Group Leader Training Manual. This document is essential for anyone thinking about starting a new group, and has some great information for current group leaders to consider as well.

If you are thinking about starting a group please refer to the Leader Web page (coming soon) for requirements and other information.

Seven Mistakes New Leaders Should Avoid

Click on the image to the left to view and download this informative fact sheet on some important things to watch out for as you are a new Neighborhood Group Leader. If you are struggling with your group or have questions that you can’t find on our FAQ page or in our other resources, please send and email to and we’ll be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Neighborhood Group Leader Training Videos

This section of the resources page is for potential new leaders, but it’s also a great resource for those seeking to understand the values underlying our vision in a deeper way. The Neighborhood Group Leader Training has been broken out into six parts. It’s best to watch them in order for the first time.

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Leader Training pt. 1 – Vision Overview

Pastor Bruce introduces the vision and explains the values underlying the shift in our ministry philosophy.

Leader Training pt. 2 – Love God

Pastor Bruce shares about the most important aspect of Calvary Nexus Vision. Developing our love for God by recognizing His unconditional and undeserved love for us is key. Out of this we are able to fulfill the rest of the vision.

Leader Training pt. 3 – Love Your Neighbor (Within Your Group)

Pastor Robb shares the second aspect of the vision. As we gain understanding of God’s love for us, which increases our love for God, we will be able to turn our attention to loving others. The most comfortable place to start will probably be with the other people within your neighborhood group. In demonstrating this love we’ll not only encourage and minister to each other, but be an example to others of what Christ Filled community really looks like.

Leader Training pt. 4 – Love Your Neighbor (Outside Your Group)

Pastor Justin shares the third aspect of the vision. We love and minister to others as we understand how much God loves us, and how much He loves those we come in contact with where we live, work, study, and play. The result of our intentional focus on loving our neighbors may or may not be that the person comes to know the Lord personally. That’s ok, because we are loving because that’s what Jesus commands. God will work in any act of love no matter how small. As we pray and consider how to be intentional in our love God will open opportunities and change hearts.

Leader Training pt. 5 – Foundations

Pastor Roger walks through some important practical insights in leading a group. This session is very important as you consider the direction and dynamic of your group. You’ll also get to know the process of getting a group started in your neighborhood.

Leader Training pt. 6 – Leadership Development & Multiplication

Pastor Roger wraps up the Neighborhood Group Leader Training talking about developing, and multiplying leaders. The ultimate vision of our church is to saturate our community with Gospel Centered Neighborhood Groups. He also answers a number of important questions you may have as a group leader desiring to develop others in leadership.

Other Neighborhood Group Resources

We’re not the only ones who have caught the vision God has for his people to love Him and love their neighbors better. Check out these other resources that may help you neighbor even better.

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