“And let our people also learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent needs, that they may not be unfruitful.”

– Titus 3:14

Beyond Sunday “A-Teams” (Assist Teams)


Currently, we have seven teams:

Car Repair (help fix basic car problems)
Outdoor Projects (help people repair problems outside their homes, e.g., mowing lawns, gardening, painting)
Monthly Meal (help host a free hot meal for people in need every 3rd Thursday)
Meals Ministry (provide meals for people recovering from surgery, childbirth, health issues, etc.)
Moving Team (help people move)
Indoor Projects (help people repair problems inside their homes, e.g., cleaning, painting, simple plumbing)
Transportation (provide rides for people to appointments, shopping, picking up prescriptions, etc.)


If you are interested in learning how to get involved serving on an A-Team, please email Pastor Robb at

Check out our past events below!

Click on the Image below to download the pdf of ideas below:


Serve Our Seniors 2016 praise report:

Thank you for “Serving Our “Seniors” by visiting them in our local convalescent hospital and assisted living communities. We had a wonderful time representing the Lord Jesus to some wonderful folks, and showing them His love in a very personal way!

Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

Please let me know if you have any other questions or ideas. I’d love hear from you at:

Pastor Robb

beyond sunday Christmas Store 2015

This project was a wonderful opportunity to meet the needs of families in our community, we were able to show God’s love in a practical way to hundreds of families, and tell people the good news about Jesus Christ!

Help Our Homeless Community Service Project

PRAISE GOD for His blessing on our recent “Help Our Homeless” event!

In response to our guest speakers, Deputy Joe Preciado and Pastor Sam Gallucci, we were all educated, motivated and inspired to reach out and serve the homeless in our community in Jesus’ name.

Here are some practical steps to take when meeting a homeless person:

1. Introduce yourself, and ask their name.
2. Ask them if in addition to their immediate need they are interested in getting help to get off the street.
3. If so, give them a brochure with contact information of local homeless services (see below). These brochures are available at Calvary Nexus, or the Camarillo Police Dept.
4. Pray with them.
5. Prayerfully consider what else you could do- perhaps visit this person again, or provide other needs they may have (clothing, MacDonald’s gift cards, etc.).
6. Ask the Lord to direct you, and trust that He will.Project HOPE Pamphlet

Here is a brochure with information about local homeless services available:

You can also visit these web site if you are interested in getting more involved serving the homeless in our community: (Ventura County Rescue Mission) (Gabriel’s House in Oxnard)

Stay tuned for our next beyond sunday community service project on December 12th: Christmas Store!

Pastor Robb

Praise Report for our Community BBQs

PRAISE GOD for how He used our Community Barbecues in June!

As a church we hosted barbecues all around Camarillo, intentionally reaching out to our neighbors to develop or deepen relationships with them.

Many stories have been shared about how the Lord used this event to get to know people better, pray for people, and represent Jesus Christ.

Everyone had fun, too!

Let’s continue to purposefully share our lives with our neighbors and make ourselves available to be used by God to reach our community with the good news about Jesus Christ.

Pastor Robb

If you have questions, ideas, or need more information, please email Pastor Robb at

Serve our Seniors March 2015 Event Update

Praise the Lord for our latest beyond sunday “Serve Our Seniors!” project! It was a fantastic event!

We were able to meet, get to know, serve and represent the Lord Jesus to dozens of people at several assisted living communities and our local convalescent home! Everyone had a great time, and new relationships were formed. The good news about Jesus Christ was shared with many through our words, actions and attitudes. Best of all, the Lord was glorified as He worked in and through us to reveal Himself to folks who need to know Him.

Again, thank you for serving the Lord by serving others. I look forward to serving Him again with you in the future!

Pastor Robb

Christmas Store 2014 Event Update

Praise God for what He did in and through our Christmas Store this year!

On Saturday, December 13th, over 260 families were provided with new toys, holiday refreshments, and best of all the gospel! Over 300 volunteers from Calvary Nexus served these families from our community in Jesus’ name. Whether in word or deed, the good news about Jesus was shared with every guest, and many people responded positively to the invitation to pray and ask Jesus Christ into their lives!

Thank you to each of you who donated and/or volunteered. And thank you to the Lord Jesus for blessing this event, and using it to bring glory to Himself, build up His people, and spread the gospel!

Keep your eyes and ears open for our next community service project coming in March!

Help the Hungry Children August 2014 Event Update

THANK YOU for serving at our beyond sunday “Help the Hungry Children” project. The Lord truly blessed it!

Here’s a short highlight video of the event:

Our goal was to provide 500 Food Paks, which would supply dinners for 500 families for about a week. By the grace of God, we actually provided 1,000 Paks for 1,000 families! Praise the Lord for how He works in and through His people!


We also had 300 volunteers participate! It was a wonderful time of fellowship and service to the Lord. I hope you were as blessed as I was!