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Calvary Nexus Missions Ministry

theme verse:

“and how shall they preach, unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!’” Romans 10:15



To focus geographically in strategic areas of Kingdom expansion (Mexico, Africa, Philippines) by assisting Calvary Chapel ministries who are raising up pastors and planting Bible teaching churches. We will also share God’s love by serving and supporting missionaries in Camarillo, in California, in the United States and “to the end of the earth.” We will work to raise-up, train and send out missionaries from our local church body for short and long term mission trips. We will also develop a compassionate and supportive sender’s heart within our church body.

Calvary Nexus is blessed to support the following Ministries & Missionaries


 North America:



Ventura County Pregnancy Center

“Our mission is to help anyone who finds themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation with emotional support and practical means. We believe that all life is precious and intrinsically valuable.” MaryAnn Ambroselli is the director of the Ventura County Pregnancy Center located in Ventura, California, and attends Calvary Chapel Nexus.
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Youth Prison – Sheri Snyder – Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries

Sheri works with incarcerated youth in Orange County, California, by teaching Bible study, providing one-on-one discipleship, and coordinating special outreach events. Also provides continuity of care, as requested, following a youth’s release into the community or transfer to a different facility. On request, provides counsel and prayer support to parents, guardians, and other caregivers.
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Child Evangelism Fellowship – Jane Boyer – Camarillo

This is an elementary after school program that shares the gospel and God’s love to children in Camarillo. Jane Boyer attends Calvary Nexus.
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Kingdom Center, Oxnard – Gabriel’s House

The Kingdom Center, Oxnard (Gabriel’s House) provides a safe living environment for homeless women and children.
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Nathan Porter – InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) – Camarillo

Nathan ministers to Faculty and Students on the college campus. Fellowship, Bible study and discipleship are three main areas of ministry.


Gideons International – Thousand Oaks

The Gideons International is an interdenominational association of Christian business and professional men who are members of Protestant/evangelical churches. They are dedicated to saving the lost through personal witnessing and the distribution of God’s Word in more than 190 countries around the world.
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Bill Holdridge – Poimen Ministries

Bill Holdridge serves in this ministry to senior pastors, providing help to pastors in any area where they may need or want assistance. Poimen Ministries connects experienced pastors with pastors that need or want help and/or encouragement.
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Calvary Nexus supports the following International Ministries & Missionaries




Calvary Chapel Ensenada (Horizonte Ministries)- Pastors Juan & Jonathan Domingo

Pastors Juan and Jonathan Domingo oversee Horizonte Ministries consisting of Calvary Chapel Ensenada, Calvary Chapel Bible College Mexico, and an Orphanage for disabled children in Ensenada. Pastor Juan has a strong vision for planting churches in the Baja Peninsula, and this is an area of focus for Calvary Chapel Nexus.
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Calvary Chapel Rosarito – Pastor Mike Vincent

Pastor Mike Vincent oversees this Calvary Chapel in Rosarito, Mexico. This is a thriving ministry with both English and Spanish services. CC Rosarito is actively involved in church planting and offers a Bible college to the local community.
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Casa Estrella, Girl’s Home, Rosarito – Joe and Esther Valenzuela

Joe and Esther Valenzuela provide a Christian home, family and education to the disadvantaged children in the Rosarito community. They are father and mother to young, orphaned girls and also provide a government certified, Christian school for the community.
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Calvary Chapel Manila – Pastor Lito de Guzman

Pastor Lito oversees this church and ministry in the heart of Manila. The church is involved in local outreach, youth evangelism, and church planting in Luzon region.
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Calvary Chapel Dumaguete – Pastor Joseph Jo

Pastor Jo oversees this thriving church and ministry in Dumaguete City. The church is involved in local outreach, prison ministry and youth evangelism in Negros Oriental.
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Aaron and Amy Snyder – Calvary Chapel Siegen

Aaron is the youth pastor at CC Siegen. Amy is both raising their children and involved in ministry.
Amy’s home church is Calvary Chapel Nexus.
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South Africa: Calvary Chapel Capetown – Pastor Demitri Nikiforos

Pastor Demitri Nikiforos oversees this Calvary Chapel in Capetown, South Africa.
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Uganda: John Wern & Dan Behrens – Connect2 Uganda Project

John will work with local churches in Uganda to establish training centers for the purpose of equipping Ugandans in practical trades such as welding, plumbing, carpentry and masonry. John is an elder at Calvary Nexus and an active member of our church body.
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Ryan and Joy Reiter – Mission to the World

The Reiters will be traveling within the United States in 2016 in order to raise funds for a missionary launch into Australia beginning in late 2016. Their vision is to support, grow and begin churches in the rural area outside of Perth, Australia.
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If you are interested in knowing more about Missions and serving in the Mission field, please contact:


Pastor Robb Oram

Calvary Nexus Missions Pastor
(805) 384-1182, Ext. 110

“And how shall they preach unless they are sent?”

– Romans 10:15