The Hem of His Garment

Friday Mornings

Mary Ann Ambroselli

Hem Of His Garment

Beginning Friday, Sept. 29
12 week study
Meets in the Nursery at Calvary Nexus
(Space is limited to 6 ladies)
380 Mobil, Camarillo

The following is a description about this Bible study:

“This study is for women who need healing for current or past hurts. Perhaps you are struggling with forgiveness and anger issues and try to stuff your feelings or try to forget, only to have those feelings manifest themselves in many areas of your life. God wants you to be set free. He longs to heal you and give you hope. Regardless of how long it has been or if you are afraid to bring up pain from the past, you need this group”

Please contact MaryAnn Ambroselli via email at or call (805)794-5341 and leave a message.

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