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If you are interested in leading a Calvary Nexus Neighborhood Group you’ve come to the right place. Check out the information below and submit your interest in leading a group with the form on this page. One of our Neighborhood Group Coaches will be in touch with you to assist you on your way to starting a new group.

What Does It Mean To Lead A Group?


It is extremely valuable for an entire congregation to be on the same page, both philosophically and literally. In order to take the pressure off new group leaders, to allow new participants to easily join in the discussion, and to allow time for a new group to gel, we ask that new groups follow a sermon-based study for the first three months. Our weekly study guide is easy to follow and provides questions to enable all leaders to facilitate quality discussion. 

If you, as a leader, determine that other material is more appropriate for your individual group, your coach can approve another plan.Regardless of what you are studying, we do ask that you actively seek to make disciples through the study of God’s Word and that you focus on growing in your love for God and your neighbors both inside and outside your group.




The study guides are located on the Neighborhood Group Resources page, which you can access by clicking here.

We also send Neighborhood Group study guides in our weekly Calvary Nexus email newsletter. Click here to subscribe.

Neighborhood Group Leader Process

Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and choosing to follow His calling to become a Neighborhood Group leader. We are excited to partner with you to see God’s work change lives as they grow in their love for God and their neighbors through your group. Below is the process so that you can get started. If there are any questions before you start, please feel free to contact Sheri Mergenthal, our Neighborhood Groups Ambassador, at sheri@calvarynexus.org.

Below are the steps in becoming a Neighborhood Group leader at Nexus.

Step 1

December 1, 2017

Join a Neighborhood Group:

Before you launch a new group, it is a good idea for you to participate in a currently active group. This has a 3-fold purpose:

 It will help you in understand how NGs at CN are unique and what is important to us.
 It will connect you to another leader with whom you may be able to collaborate in the future.
 It may spark questions you may want to ask as you go through the process of becoming a leader yourself.

If you need help selecting a group that would best fulfill these purposes, please contact our Neighborhood Groups Ambassador, Sheri Mergenthal, after a Sunday service or via email sheri@calvarynexus.org

Step 2

December 2, 2017

Review Online Resources:

There are a few training resources that you need to read or watch. Each resource title is a link to that particular video or .pdf located on the NG Resources page of our website. As you review the resources, please make notes of any questions so you can discuss them with the coach helping you in Step 3.

 CN’s 10-Year vision
Do you resonate with our vision? What about it excites you the most?
NG Leader Training Manual
Download this resource, and as you watch the videos, refer to the Training Manual as reference. If you would like a hard copy for taking notes or for reference, please email Sheri Mergenthal at sheri@calvarynexus.org and we will make one available for you to pick up at the front desk.
Video #1: “Foundations”
In this is 45-minute video, Pastor Roger walks through some important practical insights in leading a group. It provides important insights as you consider the direction and dynamic of your group and as you go through the process of getting a group started.
Video #2: “Leadership Development and Multiplication”
In this second 45-minute video, Pastor Roger talks about developing and multiplying leaders. The ultimate vision of our church is to saturate our community with Gospel-Centered Neighborhood Groups, so he answers a number of important questions you may have as a group leader helps to develop others.

Step 3

December 31, 2017

Let us know you are interested:

Once you have reviewed the training resources from Step 2, please fill out the Leader Interest Form below. A Neighborhood Group coach will then be in touch with you and will arrange a time for you to meet in person. The purpose of that meeting is 3-fold.

 To make sure you have participated in a NG. If you have not yet done this, he/she may invite you to his/her group for a period of time so you can observe a model before starting your own.
 To ensure you’ve reviewed the resources and to work through any questions you may want to ask.
 To answer your questions and begin supporting you as a leader.

Step 4

July 30, 2019

Provide your group information for our website:

Please click here or scroll sown to link to our form where you will be able to fill in important information about the new group. Once it is posted on the website, people will be able to contact you and request information about joining your group.

To Start Or Continue Your Process In Becoming A Neighborhood Group Leader, Please Fill Out One Of The Forms Below.

Neighborhood Group Leader Interest Form:

New Neighborhood Group Information Form:

Use this link to be directed to our Airtable form to fill out important information about the new group you plan to start.

Lead a Neighborhood Group

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