When and Where

Sunday Services

9am, 11am & 6:30pm | 380 Mobil Ave. Camarillo, CA

Ministerio Espanol

5:00pm | 380 Mobil Ave. Camarillo, CA

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Calvary Nexus Blog

How to be Good Citizens

As followers of Christ, we are dual citizens. We are subject to a heavenly Sovereign and an earthly sovereign. What is your responsibility to God and your earthly government or community? What would your community look like if you tried to be the best citizen of...

Three Reasons to Work for Jesus

The marketplace has changed and the workforce has too. Millennials are likely to change jobs four times in their first decade out of college, and that is twice the rate of the Gen Xers that preceded them. Salary and work environment intangibles play a critical role in...

What’s going on in the Calvary Chapel Movement?

I was recently asked by a fellow-staffer, “What’s going on in the Calvary Chapel Movement?” I wanted to take the time to provide a meaningful summary of relatively recent events. As many of you are aware, Calvary Nexus is part of the association of Calvary Chapel [CC]...