When and Where

Sunday Services

9am, 11am & 6:30pm | 380 Mobil Ave. Camarillo, CA

Ministerio Espanol

5:00pm | 380 Mobil Ave. Camarillo, CA

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Calvary Nexus Blog

How You Can Know That You’re Saved

Knowing that you have eternal life, and why you have it, can give you peace, joy, love and hope that is different than the atheist who doesn’t believe in God, heaven, or hell. And is different than the misguided experience of the person who assumes everyone goes to...

How to Create Margin for What Matters Most

One of the values of our local church is, “We create margin for what matters most.” We’ve observed, discovered, and experienced that life is too complicated. As individuals, as families, as groups, and as a community of faith we need to create margin for what matters...

Is God A Slacker?

The atheist, agnostic, and skeptic alike assert that God’s apparent inactivity in the universe support the idea that there is no God. If the New Testament repeatedly encourages Christ’s followers to be ready for His return, and about 2,000 years have passed and still...