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Sunday Services

9am, 11am & 6:30pm | 380 Mobil Ave. Camarillo, CA

Ministerio Espanol

5:00pm | 380 Mobil Ave. Camarillo, CA

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Calvary Nexus Blog

What’s going on in the Calvary Chapel Movement?

I was recently asked by a fellow-staffer, “What’s going on in the Calvary Chapel Movement?” I wanted to take the time to provide a meaningful summary of relatively recent events. As many of you are aware, Calvary Nexus is part of the association of Calvary Chapel [CC]...

Love Your Neighbors Outside of Your Group

Rediscovering the Great Commandments compels us to consider, “Do I really love God supremely; and do I really love my neighbor as I love myself?” Neighborhood Groups [NG] actively reinforce and encourage the values of loving God and neighbors better. In this article...

Love Your Neighbors Within Your Group

The Book of Acts is arguably a blueprint for the church. Ac. 2:42-47 is descriptive and arguably prescriptive of how the Church is to love God and neighbors better. The early church created the rhythms of life that are needed to grow as followers of Jesus (disciples)....