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Sunday Services

9am, 11am & 6:30pm | 380 Mobil Ave. Camarillo, CA

Ministerio Espanol

5:00pm | 380 Mobil Ave. Camarillo, CA

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Calvary Nexus Blog

Five Reasons Why You Should Know the Old Testament

Every year, I try to read the Bible from cover to cover. On New Year’s Day, I start in Matthew 1 and read through the New Testament. By April, I’m starting Gen. 1 and through the remainder of the year finish Malachi and the Old Testament. As a follower of Jesus, you...

Reflections on Redemption

This is not a review of Jason Stratham’s recent release Redemption (which may or may not be pleasing to you). But it does have a cinematic and literary connection. I’m presently working my way through the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Top 100 list (2007) edition....

Five Reasons Why We Choose to Serve the Lord

What does it mean to serve God? We serve and glorify God by sacrificially serving others. We are called to serve our spouse, children and parents, our fellow-workers or students, our neighbors, and in a local church or ministry. Through the years that I’ve been a...