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Church Planting

The gospel is the hope of the world and the world needs more gospel-centered churches!

We empower and support local churches to assess, train, and support new church planters.

We are committed to help plant gospel-centered Calvary Chapel churches as part of the Calvary Global Network (CGN) family.

Pastor Bruce Zachary served at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa (CCCM) with Pastor Chuck Smith, and graduated the School of Ministry at CCCM. Bruce has been an ordained pastor for over 30 years, and planted Calvary Nexus in Camarillo, CA.

Pastor Bruce created Church Planting and School of Ministry training manuals that are used by thousands of church leaders around the globe. He previously directed the Calvary Church Planting Network (CCPN) a global church planting initiative. He presently helps direct Cultivate the Calvary Global Network’s church planting initiative.

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In 2022, Calvary Nexus supported twenty-three (23) church plants!

We partnered with our neighbors in Mexico to support nine new church plants, and began a church planting initiative in Chandigarh the capital of the northern Indian state of Punjab where eight churches are being planted. In addition, we planted in Scotland, NYC, Ukraine, Bradenton Florida, Baltimore Maryland, and Basque Country (an unreached people group in Spain).

We prepared the infrastructure, with Calvary Global Network, to support the planting of 1,000 churches in ten years.

Calvary Church Planting Manual

The Calvary Church Planting Manual is currently available in English and Spanish versions, and is presently being translated into Hindi, French, Tagalog and Portuguese.

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