Why We Serve

Serving God


Why Serve?

OK- I attend church; I read my Bible; I pray; I give; I’m in a Neighborhood Group; I talk to people about my faith. Is there anything else I can do to grow in my relationship with Jesus?

Yes! One of the most rewarding and effective ways to grow in your faith is through serving!

What’s so great about serving?

God’s Word tells us the Lord gives spiritual gifts to all believers. Serving others gives you a chance to use these gifts to bless others- which is why He gave them to you (1 Corinthians 12:7).

When you serve you’re placing yourself in a position to be used by the Lord, and to experience Him working in and through you for His glory. It’s an awesome experience knowing the Lord of the universe is using you!

Serving others is a practical way to meet people’s needs, which is something Jesus modeled and promised would be rewarded. In fact, Jesus said when we do things for others, it’s just like doing them for Him (Matthew 25:31-46).

Serving others is a powerful way to demonstrate the love of the Lord to those who don’t yet know Him. When people experience God’s love in practical ways through being served, their hearts are softened as they witness the Body of Christ at work, and they are much more open to hearing the good news about Jesus.

The Lord Jesus said He didn’t come to be served, but to serve others (Matthew 20:28). He also said He was setting an example for us to do the same (John 13:15). As we serve, we’re following in Jesus’ footsteps, and becoming more like Him, which is our ultimate goal (Romans 8:29). We never look more like Jesus than when we’re serving others! In fact, Jesus said those who want to be “great” in the Kingdom of God should serve others (Matthew 23:11).

What are some of the ways I can serve?

There are really no limits to the ways you can serve the Lord and His Kingdom. There are always a multitude of needs and opportunities in church. You can also serve the Lord out in your community in a variety of ways, helping provide meals, home repair, transportation, etc. for people in need. A great way to learn more about both of these areas of opportunity is to visit your church web site.

Remember, any time we do anything “in Jesus’ name,” we are serving the Lord. This makes the possibilities for us to serve Him limitless!

Most Christ-followers eventually discover the secret about serving: serving is a blessing not just for those who are served, but even more for those who do the serving! Don’t wait to be used by the Lord. Pray and ask Him to guide you, seek out opportunities, make a choice and start serving the Lord today!

How to Serve

At Calvary Nexus, we want to help you discover how God is calling you to use your gifts in the local church.  You can fill out and download the corresponding volunteer application below and email it to the ministry you wish to serve in, or if you’re unsure of what ministry to get involved with you can gather more information by browsing our list of ministries at: calvarynexus.org/our-ministries

Sunday Ministry Volunteer Application

Student Ministry Volunteer Application

Kids Ministry Volunteer Application

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