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Lead a Neighborhood Group

Is God calling you to lead a Neighborhood Group in your community? Here’s how to get involved!
Step 1: Join a Neighborhood Group

Before starting your own group, it’s important to participate in an active Neighborhood Group to help you better understand the process.

Join a Group
Step 2: Review Online Resources

Head over to our Resources page to review a few required guides and videos. This is designed to help you understand the vision and responsibilities of being a Neighborhood Group Leader. If you have questions, please contact Jeremy Einem, our Community Life Pastor.

See Resources
Step 3: Fill out an interest form

Once you’ve reviewed the Neighborhood Group resources, fill out the Leader Interest form below, and we’ll be in touch to schedule a meeting with you to answer any questions and support you in moving forward.

Step 4: Provide Group Info for Website

After meeting with a Calvary Nexus staff member, fill out Group Info form to let us know when and where your Neighborhood Group will be meeting. 

Group Info Form