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Ways to Grow

Helping you grow in love for God and neighbor

Find free resources to help you grow in your faith. 

Foundations of the Faith

Want to gain a more solid foundation for your faith? Walk through some of the most foundational questions of our faith, and how God answers them with His Word.

Genesis 1:1 – “Who is God?”

Theologian and author C.S. Lewis once proclaimed, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” Is there really a God? Can God be known, and if so, how? What is man’s responsibility to God, if any?

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Baptism is a public declaration of faith and our commitment to follow Jesus with our lives. In this short video clip, Pastor Bruce explains what we believe and what it means to be baptized into new life with Christ.

Bible Reading

Reading the Bible is a critical part of learning to love God and our neighbor more. By reading the Word of God, we are able to learn more about Him and fuel our lives to serve and know Him more.

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Prayer is how we communicate with God, develop a real relationship with Him, and trust Him with every part of our lives. Have a prayer request or praise that you’d like to share with someone? Submit your request below! 

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